Information Systems & Tech Innovation

The office of Information Systems & Technology Innovation provides Arkansas' top-level higher education decision-makers with information about student performance and institutional activity at the state's colleges and universities.

Sonia Hazelwood

Assistant Director & Chief Data Officer
Email: Sonia Hazelwood
Phone: 501-371-2054
Fax: 501-371-2001

David Jones

Chief Information Officer & AHEIS Database Administrator
Email: David Jones
Phone: 501-371-2042
Fax: 501-371-2001

Rich Sanders

IT Senior Project Manager
Email: Rich Sanders
Phone: 501-371-1581
Fax: 501-371-2001

Micah Gilbert

IT Manager
Email: Micah Gilbert
Phone: 501-371-2045

Ken Wall

Senior Software Support Specialist
Email: Ken Wall
Phone: 501-371-2069
Fax: 501-371-2001

Rachel Lewis

AHEIS Program Manager
Email: Rachel Lewis
Phone: 501-683-7549
Fax: 501-371-2001

Jamaal Gaines

Systems Specialist
Email: Jamaal Gaines
Phone: 501-371-2216
Fax: 501-371-2001

Blake Cannon

Chief Analytics Officer
Email: Blake Cannon
Phone: 501-371-6127

Talha Tayyab

Senior Technology Analyst
Email: Talha Tayyab
Phone: 501-371-5802

Tracye Mckeown

AHEIS Program Specialist
Email: Tracye Mckeown
Phone: 501-371-2021
Fax: 501-371-2001